The Allen Story

Since moving from the Chicago area into Grand Rapids 3rd Ward in 1993, the southeast side of Grand Rapids has become an integral part of David Allen and his family’s life. Grand Rapids’ 3rd Ward is where David and Donna raised their children, sent them to school, where their children have bought homes and are raising their children, and where the Allen’s have worked, worshipped, and shopped.


David Allen and his family have dedicated their lives to helping make southeast Grand Rapids a better place to live. Donna has worked for Grand Rapids Public Schools for the past 13 years. Both of the Allen’s adult children and their grandchildren work and live in Grand Rapids.

Since 1993 Allen has founded several non-profit organizations that have had a tremendous impact on the 3rd Ward and Grand Rapids as a whole; Oakdale Neighbors, City Vision, and Lighthouse Communities (now LINC). David Allen served on the Grand Rapids Public Schools Board of Education for 7 years, 2 of them as President.

He now lives out his passion for Grand Rapids as the Executive Director of the Kent County Land Bank Authority where in the past 3 years he has worked diligently on the preservation of neighborhoods and property values by facilitation the acquisition, sale, and redevelopment of over 350 blighted properties in Grand Rapids.

During his tenure as Executive Director of Lighthouse Communities and the Kent County Land Bank Authority David Allen has overseen the redevelopment of approximately 850 properties resulting in $53,419,615 in development.